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Why Torrey DeVitto Feels Chicago Med Is The Best Of Both Worlds

As TV Insider revealed, “Chicago Med” only uses documented medical cases for its storylines. Commenting to Glitter about this approach, Torrey DeVitto admitted that this is what she likes the most about the show. “We take what’s going on day to day and implement it into the show. We stay true to the real world,” she continued. At the same time, the series doesn’t balk at ramping up the action and threat level in any given episode, as well as laying it on thick with interpersonal intrigues and romantic hookups between cast members.

So, when asked during an interview with ScreenSlam about what goes into making “Chicago Med” such a quality series, DeVitto replied, “What makes for a good show and what’s so special about this show is that like it really just has the best of both worlds.” Explaining further what she meant by the comment, she added that “It honors the medical side. We’ve really done our training.” 

In this respect, she explained that she feels doctors watching the series will feel it does a good job presenting the reality of a hospital’s emergency department. But she believes that the show also delivers the storytelling energy that keeps fans engaged. And, unlike some other, unnamed series in the same genre, DeVitto feels that “Chicago Med” offers viewers the optimal mix of medical authenticity and narrative punch, concluding, “You know, we have the perfect balance of that.”



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