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Why Fans Don’t Want Keanu Reeves To Voice Shadow In The Upcoming Sonic Movie

One fan on Reddit asked for the opinions of others about the man notorious for shooting people and looking cool taking on the anti-hero hedgehog. u/badger1987 didn’t see Reeves as a fit, saying that he was “way too soft-spoken, and when he IS p****d” and that “when he loses his s*** at Vigo in ‘John Wick,’ it’s too high a pitch.”

Whatever octave Reeves’ gruff voice may sit on, it’s been enough to check the boxes for voiceover work in the past. Besides appearing as Duke Caboom in “Toy Story 4,” he also played an animated iteration of Batman in “DC’s League of Super-Pets” (a role he hoped to handle in live-action as well). With such an eclectic credit list, it’s no wonder that Sonic himself sees “The Matrix” legend as a “national treasure” in the first film. This was highlighted by u/Stonecost, to which u/No-Seaweed-4456 argued, “that’s actually the reason I don’t want him. It’ll be too meta to have Keanu exist in-universe and play a character, don’t you think?” 

Meta it may be, but that didn’t stop Idris Elba, who played Brixton Lore in “The Fast and Furious” spin-off “Hobbs and Shaw” (also referenced in the franchise), from bumping fists with Knuckles. With that franchise in mind, one star would line up perfectly, bringing Sonic’s total opposite to life with hilarious effect.



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