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Whatever Happened To The Longhairs After Shark Tank?

Some business ventures shown on “Shark Tank,” such as Tara and Jason O’Mara’s PDX Pet Design or Brendan Alper’s Hater app, flop shortly after. But The Longhairs isn’t one of these unfortunate examples. Just one look at the official website shows an overwhelming expansion. In addition to the original hair tie product, long-locked men can also get their hands on shampoo, conditioner, serum, brushes, hats, apparel, and more. Chris Healy and Lindsay Barto also continue to maintain their blog, which features posts every few days. Topics range from styling tips to stories on professional athletes who are growing out their hair.

It seems that the products are resonating with consumers. On Reddit, u/Card_God said, “I have a bunch of their hair ties and they hold up super well!” U/sinlightened added, “I have their shampoo and conditioner and around five packs of hair ties that I’ve used for quite a few years now. They have great stuff. Definitely the only hair ties I use now.” All the while, El Rubio and El Moreno are using their platform for good. According to their blog, 1% of revenue is donated to the nonprofit Children With Hair Loss, which provides free human hair replacements to young patients. In 2019, they hosted The Great Cut, which collected 339 pounds of hair for the organization. 

The future looks bright for Healy and Barto. Still, they have one goal they have yet to achieve — getting Mark Cuban to grow out his hair. In an interview with Jeff Sarris, Healy said, “Turns out that’s a tougher deal than getting $100,000.”



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