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Whatever Happened To Paparazzi Proposals After Shark Tank?

With Sharks shouting over one another and multiple deals on the table, Paparazzi Proposals incited one of the more chaotic “Shark Tank” debates, and even after securing a deal, Ambler looked dubious. It’s not entirely unsurprising, then, that the former paparazzo backed out of the deal after the cameras stopped rolling. However, Ambler did seem to heed Lori’s advice that he could grow the business on his own. Since founding his company in 2011, and appearing on “Shark Tank” in 2013, Ambler has done exactly that; Paparazzi Proposals has grown from a New York City-based company to existing in nearly 40 cities, including Paris. They also boast the ability to supply clients with photographers within 24 hours.

At the time of the “Shark Tank” episodes, Paparazzi Proposals had grossed just under $100,000 in two years. Per Shark Tank Blog, the company has now generated over $13 million. Rather than functioning solely as a photography service, Paparazzi Proposals operates as a boutique engagement concierge, providing clients with consultations and packages starting at $495. For $1,425, clients can book a Statue of Liberty cruise around New York Harbor. Helicopter tours, gondola rides, and wine tastings are also available.

For his efforts, Ambler’s company has been featured on CBS Sunday Morning, The Today Show, and PIX11 Morning News. Sometimes a “Shark Tank” boost is better than any deal at all.



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