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Warner Bros. Execs Have An Obvious Solution To The Flash Problem Staring Them All In The Face

If Ezra Miller is out — and Warner Bros. doesn’t want to muddy the current continuity even further — then maybe it’s time to bring in the third version of The Flash after Jay Garrick and Barry Allen: Wally West. For fans who aren’t familiar with the character, he was originally Barry’s sidekick, Kid Flash, and he gained his powers in a similar freak accident to Barry when he was doused in various chemicals that allow him to tap into the Speed Force.

Wally is Barry’s nephew, and he became DC’s main speedster following “Crisis On Infinite Earths” when his uncle sacrifices himself to destroy the Anti Monitor’s anti-matter cannon. Yes, that’s a mouthful, but that’s comics! Anyway, Wally remained as the main version of The Flash for several decades until Barry returned to the fray in “Final Crisis.”

It seems like Miller’s version of the character has finally got the hang of his superhero career — which is probably why he’s only just now attempting to save his mother in the solo movie. But how would Warner Bros. push Barry to the side to avoid working with Miller again? The easiest explanation would be that the hero’s multiversal shenanigans break the fabric of reality, and he’d have to sacrifice himself to fix it.

This would obviously take cues from “Crisis on Infinite Earths” while still feeling wholly unique to Barry’s story, and it wouldn’t take much for the final shot of the film or a post-credits scene to introduce Wally as the Scarlet Speedster’s successor. This would let Warner Bros. move forward with “The Flash” as a franchise without all the drama surrounding Miller and the problems that would go hand-in-hand with keeping them on board.



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