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Voight’s Way Or The Highway

Traditionally, a “Chicago P.D.” episode has one person at its center, and in the Season 10 premiere is Voight. As we watch him deal with the grief that comes with Anna’s death, we see it affect his relationship with his team. We find out it’s been two weeks since the incident, and there’s been a major detachment between Voight and his team. The person he’s closest to during this time is Jay, although the detective disagrees with his boss’s choices.

Hailey ignores Voight’s order to stand down when Torres (Benjamin Levy Aguilliar) enters a drug house with a new CI to bus the Los Temidos wannabe. Worried Torres is going to get jumped, Hailey approaches the house and makes a noise which alerts the dealer. A shoot-out ensues, putting Torres in imminent danger. After the scene is cleared, Hailey finally has her one-on-one with Voight. She thinks Voight is holding Anna’s death over her head, and the two have so much tension between them it’s palpable. This will likely be a season-long struggle despite Voight trying to shut the drama down between him, Hailey, and Jay at the end of the episode. The three seem to have trouble trusting one another right now, which is a far cry from where they all used to be. Hailey’s issues with Jay giving into Voight are not helping their relationship, giving us cause to worry about the fate of Upstead.



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