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Virgin River Season 5 – What We Know So Far

After a tumultuous Season 4, during which Jack and Mel debate whether or not they should find out if Mel’s baby’s biological father is Jack or her late husband Mark (Daniel Gillies), the twosome is set to skate into Season 5 in joy. A paternity test has proven that the baby is Jack’s, and he has successfully proposed to Mel before they get the results. But the couple’s joy is complicated by the revelation that Charmaine’s twins are not Jack’s. While this loosens Jack from Charmaine’s hold, it will also leave him feeling responsible for the boys, no matter who their biological father is.

In other news, Brady was exonerated in Jack’s shooting (it was revealed the culprit was Wes) and embarked on a romance with Brie. Preacher saved Paige (Lexa Doig) and her son Christopher (Chase Petriw) from Vince (Steve Bacic) once and for all but remains torn between Paige and Julia (Lucia Walters) romantically. 

Doc and Hope spend the entire season coping with Hope’s post-car-crash brain injury, and now they’re standing on the cusp of another family health crisis. It turns out that Denny has Huntington’s Disease, throwing a spanner into Denny’s love triangle with Lizzie and Ricky. 

Viewers were also introduced to Melissa Montgomery (Barbara Pollard), the head of the lumbering drug ring who made her expectations and consequences known. We expect Season 5 to expand upon these dangling threads.



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