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Transformers: EarthSpark Keeps Bumblebee In The Spotlight

This trailer also hits what appears to be another key element Transformers: EarthSpark, family. All visions of Vin Diesel driving Bumblebee out of skyscraper aside, it is a good theme for a Transformers series. The Autobots have a strong feeling of family, especially since in previous Transformers shows they worked together for generations. The way Bumblebee says, “I’m not leaving until you’re safe. That’s what being family means,” makes us think Optimus Prime taught him that.

In this show we could see Bumblebee try to pass on the words of Optimus Prime but sort of botch it along the way! That could be a lot of fun.

We’ve also got the element that Bumblebee, alongside the new Terran Transformers, Twitch and Thrash, will be living alongside a family of humans. Tellingly though, these humans are already aware of the existence of Transformers. One even exclaims, “Bumblebee is coming to live with us!”

Bumblebee’s reaction to this isn’t pride or indifference, it looks like he’s actively annoyed! A Bumblebee that’s overwhelmed with fame? Does everyone on Earth want to hang out with him? Does he just want to focus on the mission?

Imagine Bumblebee is out there, trying to fight Decepticons, while humans are just dying to get a selfie with him. This could lead to some fantastic comedy for the show but also hint at a deeper struggle Bumblebee could have with fame.

In case you haven’t been keeping up with all things Transformers: EarthSpark, we’ve got a summary of the show’s plot for you here.



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