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Trains and cruises offer similar vacation experiences — but after trying both, I’d rather ride the rails

Even though parts of the experiences were similar, I thought my train ride had more diverse views of nature in two days than my cruise did in eight days.

I saw many more landscapes on the train than on the cruise.

Monica Humphries/Insider

One of the Rocky Mountaineer’s main appeals to me is the views. Through the glass-dome windows, I watched Denver’s cityscape transform into towering Rocky Mountains. Once we crossed the border into Utah, the grey rock turned into rusty red sandstone, and the lush mountain environment was swapped for desert scenery.

For me, there wasn’t a moment throughout the whole trip where I was sick of peering out into the horizon in search of the next landscape we’d pass. 

On the other hand, the cruise’s main appeal was the lengthy list of scheduled activities and the port stops. For the vast majority of the cruise, all I could see was 360-degree views of blue water. 

Belize, Honduras, and Cozumel have a diverse range of ecosystems, historical landmarks, and scenery, but unfortunately, I couldn’t admire most of those views from the cruise deck. 

As someone who loves nature, I thought the Rocky Mountaineer offered a better viewing experience. 




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