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TikTokers are uncovering surprising facts about the Queen’s burial and death, from the weight of her lead-lined coffin to who will look after her dogs

TikTok users have been sharing surprising facts about the Queen’s burial in the lead-up to the day of her funeral.

Members of the British Army on the Buckingham Palace Mall rehearsing for the Queen’s funeral.

Ministry of Defence

News of the Queen’s death has dominated the conversation on social media since her death on September 8.

Celebrities, influencers, and individuals have all taken to their Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok accounts to pay tribute to the late monarch and share opinions on the future of the royal family. 

In the days leading up to the September 19 funeral, TikTok, a platform where videos using the hashtag #royals now have 3.4 billion views, has become a space for sharing information and facts about the Queen’s family. Last week, TikTokers shared resurfaced clips and photos of the royal family, with many users appearing to discover old rumors and scandals about the monarchy for the first time. 

TikTok users have been posting about the Queen, sharing facts about her funeral service and burial plans, with many receiving millions of views and surprising their audience.


A TikToker went viral explaining that the Queen’s coffin has been lined with lead.

One TikTok user with 1.1 million followers called @matta_of_fact who frequently posts about the royals made a video explaining that the Queen’s coffin has been lined with lead, similarly to the coffins of previous British monarchs. It quickly went viral, receiving 3.3 million views in under 24 hours.

Comments under the video have speculated about how heavy the lead-lined coffin would be, with reports estimating that it could weigh anything between 550 to 699 pounds, 

“I saw a picture of a pallbearer with his eyes closed & he looked emotional. For a sec I thought oh that’s sweet. Then I realized he was probably in pain,” one commenter wrote.

Metro reported that it is a royal tradition dating back centuries for coffins to be lined with lead, as that allows them to preserve the body for up to a year. Prince Phillip and Diana, Princess of Wales, were also laid to rest in lead-lined coffins, the outlet reported.



Millions of TikTokers watched a video expanding on the materials used to create the Queen’s coffin.

In one TikTok with 4.1 million views, a user named Jessica Weslie Arena, who has been sharing several facts about the royal family on her account over the past few days, filmed herself saying, “Queen Elizabeth’s coffin was made 30 years ago,” and “the coffin is made out of oak, specifically English oak, which is very hard to get a hold of.” 

Funeral directors for the royal family confirmed to USA Today that the coffin was made in the 1990s, adding that most coffins today are made from American oak, and a coffin made of English oak, like the Queen’s, would be very expensive today since the material is so rare. 

The Telegraph reported that coffins from the royal family are traditionally made of oak from the Sandringham estate, one of the royal residences, but the outlet added that precise details about the Queen’s coffin appear to have gotten lost in the years after it was ordered. 

TikTokers have learned that the Queen will be buried beside her parents and sister.


Lauren Eliza, a TikToker who wrote in her bio that she works as a mortician, explained what the Queen’s burial processes are expected to be in a video posted on September 8. 

“The Queen’s wishes are to be buried beside her parents,” she said.

According to the Daily Mail, the Queen’s body will be buried in the King George VI Memorial Chapel alongside the late King George VI, and Elizabeth, the Queen Mother.

Another TikToker named Renata Pereira pointed out that the ashes of the Queen’s sister, Princess Margaret, are also placed in the Memorial Chapel. 

Many TikTok commenters have been asking creators who posted about the Queen’s burial why Princess Margaret was cremated and not buried.

One TikTok creator attempted to answer this question, citing various news reports that the princess requested cremation so her remains could be placed next to her father’s without taking up too much space in the Chapel.

“Poor girl just wanted to be with her family!! 🥲,” one comment under the video said. 

TikTok users were touched to find out that Prince Phillip’s body would be moved to be close to the Queen’s.

While the body of the Queen’s husband, Prince Phillip, was initially placed in St George’s Chapel, Windsor, following his death in April 2021, TikTok users have now learned that the prince’s body will be moved to the nearby King George VI Memorial Chapel to be laid to rest beside the Queen. 

Insider previously reported that Prince Phillip’s body was lowered into the royal vault in St George’s chapel during a historic television broadcast, as the lowering of the coffin is typically a private moment for the royal family. 

History TikTok Deanna Falchook explained to her 230,000 followers that Phillip’s body will be transferred from the royal vault to “his final resting place, which will be right next to Queen Elizabeth.” 

“That’s so comforting,” the top comment under Falchook’s video said. “They’re gonna all be together again 😭🥺” wrote another commenter. 

TikTokers have addressed questions about who will inherit the Queen’s possessions, including her jewelry and corgis.

Alongside intrigue around the Queen’s funeral plans has come interest in her huge wealth, and how her possessions will be distributed following her death. 

Falchook has posted several TikToks explaining what is likely to happen to the Queen’s jewelry, including her brooches and necklaces, which are often worn by members of the royal family at public events. 

Insider previously reported that some items will remain part of the Crown Jewels on display at the Tower of London,  while others are expected to be passed down to King Charles III, Camilla, the queen consort, and newly named Princess of Wales Kate Middleton.

In a video that has 28,000 views, Falchook also explained that two of the Queen’s beloved corgi dogs, named Muick and Sandy, would be moving in with Prince Andrew and his ex-wife Sarah, Duchess of York, as confirmed by the BBC. The pair divorced in 1996, but continue to live together at Windsor. 

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