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Things That Happen In Every Grown Ups Movie

Throughout the series, it is made abundantly clear that while all the married couples have their issues, they strive to resolve them openly and with clear communication. Even in the McKenzie household, where Kurt has clearly been the butt of the joke for years, he and Deanne are ultimately able to work things out with a simple emotional conversation. “You barely even touch me or look at me,” he says to Deanne, after she questions him about spending time with another woman. Deanne’s response to this is genuine understanding and concern for his feelings, and the pair make plans for recurring date nights moving forward.

While Rob and Gloria ravenously paw at each other, the Lamonsoffs figure out their boundaries in parenting, and the Feders find a work-life balance, it might seem like the single unpartnered member of the group, Marcus, would be left out of this element of the plot. In fact, Marcus’ single status is among the healthiest personal relationships in the group, as he never once feels forced to pursue a lifestyle that doesn’t fit his personality and is unequivocal about his lack of desire to settle down with one woman.



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