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The Worst Things Tony Soprano Ever Did On The Sopranos Ranked

Tony’s first significant mob operation came when he joined up with Jackie Aprile and two other associates to loot a card game. The deed became legendary among the mob and forged a lasting friendship between Tony and Jackie. 

As Jackie nears the end of his life, he attempts to keep his son, Jackie Jr., away from illegal activities, feeling that he just doesn’t have the stomach for it. After Jackie’s passing, Tony vows to keep his friend’s son out of the business.

Despite this, Tony never makes a point of becoming Jackie Jr.’s mentor, instead leaving that up to Jackie Jr.’s uncle Ritchie, who leads him into minor mob activities. That doesn’t last long because Tony’s sister kills Ritchie during an argument. Jackie Jr. then falls under the tutelage of an even worse mentor: Ralph. While Jackie Jr. is looking for a father figure, Ralph tells him the famous story of Tony and his father looting the card game, which inspires him to do the same.

It’s undeniable that Tony tries to steer Jackie Jr. in the right direction, especially when he begins dating Meadow. Tony recognizes himself in Jackie Jr. and wishes for him to escape this world. But when it really counts, and the Tony-inspired Jackie Jr. card game looting goes awry, Tony doesn’t even contemplate protecting Jackie Jr.



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