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The Winx Saga Season 2 Explained

Defeating Sebastian is no small task, and it ends up requiring the combined strength of Bloom, Terra, Aisha, and Stella. Fortunately, they have a new trick up their collective sleeve. Before returning to the afterlife, Ms. Dowling imparted to them some ancient fairy wisdom — that the secret to transforming and growing wings is in balancing all your emotions, both good and bad. Bloom’s friends join her in becoming the first fairies in generations to transform and put a brutal stop to Sebastian for good.

Admittedly, there are some odd details in this twist. How did Dowling know this secret of transformation? In the last moments before her death, she theorizes to Rosalind that Bloom was able to transform because of the Dragon Flame. So did she do a lot of reading while she was buried in the ground? A lot of meditation, perhaps? Beyond that, it’s a bit underwhelming that the key to transformation ends up being so simple. In Season 1, we’re told that the magic of wings was thought to have been lost forever. Does that mean that not a single fairy in all that time managed to embrace all of their emotions? It seems like the kind of thing that someone could do by accident.

Regardless, it’s fun to see the four fairies grow their wings and combine their powers. With a portal to the Realm of Darkness now open, it likely won’t be the last time.



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