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‘The Walking Dead’ cast reveals which characters they would be most devastated to see killed off

Margot Bingham chose her fictional brother, Mercer, over her fictional boyfriend, Eugene.

Michael James Shaw plays Mike Mercer on “TWD.”

Josh Stringer/AMC

Bingham made a great case for Mercer, not Eugene, representing hope for the future on “TWD.”

“I would hate to see Mercer die just by proxy of him being Max’s brother,” Bingham told Insider of the leader of the Commonwealth militia. “He is the epitome of this hope-type of character.”

On the final season, Mercer has been struggling with his responsibilities as a leader of the Commonwealth and serving the interests of its power-hungry leaders, and doing what’s right by its people. 

“You look at him and you’re like, ‘Oh wow, Maybe there is hope in the future,'” Bingham continued of Mercer. “If there was a leader of the future, that’s who I would want it to be — somebody strong, somebody passionate who believes in its people and just supports everybody and gets behind any fight for a good cause.”

“What he stands for, and everything that he is, I would hate to see him go,” he said.



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