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The Viking Returns Episode 2

In “Deadliest Catch: The Viking Returns,” Sig Hansen decides that it’s time to find out if troll crab could be the future of crab fishing. “If there’s another species out there that we could build a market on, why wouldn’t we?” he says, explaining to his crew why they’re turning around and heading back to town. “I want to get to the beach; I want to do my own due diligence. I want to go find out what’s going on.” Jake Anderson doesn’t seem too excited about Hansen leaving the boat, but the captain remains optimistic, telling him, “Right now we’re participating in a fishery, but we could be building a fishery. If it doesn’t pan out, I can jump on the next trip; that’s not a problem.”

With all the trouble finding enough red king crab, Hansen’s plan to find out if there’s a market for troll crab makes sense. To begin their research, he and Mandy contact family, other fishermen, and even chefs to enquire about the troll crabs. In the end, he ends up making a deal with a local Norwegian restaurant — he’ll provide them with 200 kilos of troll crab, and they’ll serve it for one night to see if there’s interest from consumers.

Hansen’s decision is pretty bold and also admirable. Coming from generations of fishermen, he doesn’t want to see the industry die but is instead willing to try to forge a new resource — troll crab. We can’t wait for Episode 3 to find out if there really is a future in this new venture.



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