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The Untold Truth Of Everybody Hates Chris

At the heart of “Everybody Hates Chris” lies the family dynamic between Rochelle, Julius, and their three children. While Rochelle and Julius were played by adult actors, their three kids were played by actors who were not yet even teenagers when the show began. The experience of the child actors on the show was very different from the adults, and not altogether pleasant. 

Tyler James Williams has spoken in interviews about the long working hours and breakneck speed of filming episodes for the show. Looking back on the whole experience, Williams admits he does not really miss filming the series. “It’s kind of like high school,” the actor explained in an interview reported by CW Atlanta. “Nobody ever wants to go back to high school. You appreciate the time for what it was, but nobody ever wants to go back.”

Tequan Richmond echoed similar feelings about his time playing Drew on the show. Talking to Interview Magazine, Richmond remembered having no social life, no friends, eating lunch alone, and feeling tired all the time. Imani Hakim looks back on the experience of playing Tonya more positively, telling xoNecole that she felt “very lucky” starting her career with the show, and faced greater challenges after it ended while trying to transition out of her “child actor” phase. 



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