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The Unsung Villains Of Batman: The Animated Series

This is a perfect example of a character that exists in the comics but was initially regarded as a joke. Now, the revamped Clock King, in the form of Temple Fugate is a much more compelling, cold, and threatening character. His motivations seem a little trivial — he wants revenge against Gotham Mayor Hamilton Hill, who cost him a lot of money by accidentally making him late to an important appointment — but maybe not every villain on “Batman: The Animated Series” needs a sympathetic backstory. Now with a set of clock-themed weapons, new specs, and a plan, Clock King returns ready to exact revenge on Mayor Hill and dispose of Gotham’s caped hero as well if need be.

Obviously, someone calling themselves the Clock King is focused on punctuality. Fugate is a master strategist and planner, an excellent athlete and swordsman, and he never shows up without doing his research. He’s studies Batman to the point of knowing how long it takes him to throw a punch and is aware of most of the items at his opponent’s disposal. Later, his schemes get a little more sci-fi when he acquires a machine that lets him slow time down around him. In “Justice League Unlimited,” he’s brought in to coordinate a plan for assaulting the home base of the JLA.



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