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The Surprising Thing The Price Is Right Doesn’t Do For Its Contestants

According to Michael Choi, the popular game show doesn’t give its contestants any sort of food. “They don’t offer any sort of snacks during your time on the show, which surprised me.” He confessed. “Since I happen to work in the industry as well, I assumed there would at least be a craft-service table to partake of. We wrapped approximately at 5PM, which meant we went almost seven hours without eating (they do offer water bottles)” (per California By Choice).

Choi also revealed other interesting facts, for example, “there’s no such thing as taking the cash value,” which means the winner either takes the prize they were given or returns it to the show. He continued, “ALL prizes and their associated retail value are considered taxable income that you will have to pay year-end taxes on.” 

Though these facts definitely pull back the curtain a bit on everyone’s favorite game show, one could argue that the most surprising of all is still the lack of snacks for contestants. 



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