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The Rehearsal Fans Are Pointing At Nathan Fielder As The Show’s Villain

In the following episodes of “The Rehearsal,” Nathan Fielder moves in with a woman named Angela in an effort to rehearse raising a son. He then makes steps toward converting him to Judaism because Angela is a devout Christian. After a few episodes, Angela leaves the project, while Fielder remains to raise the child by himself. And as reality and fiction begin to blur, we are left puzzled as to what this show is really about and how real it is. While Fielder is fully in control in “Nathan for You,” things quickly start going off the rails in “The Rehearsal.” We’re left to wonder who the real positive force of the show is as Fielder begins painting himself as a flawed human being many times over in the span of a few episodes.

Fans on Reddit have begun pointing out Fielder as the antagonist as well. The original poster, u/Sewati, claimed, “This show is clearly a meta-commentary exploring the ethics of Nathan-as-puppetmaster.” Redditor u/nojudgment3 said, “The show so far is all about anxiety, control and how they relate,” while u/mrsavealot claimed, “Everything [N]athan does and says is a part of a character study exploring the ethics of his work.” Whether Fielder is a hero or an antihero is debatable, but we can all agree that this meta-show raises some pretty interesting questions about the principles of morality.



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