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The Real Reason Freema Agyeman Left New Amsterdam

According to Freema Agyeman, the time was simply right for her to move on from the Helen Sharpe character. “I feel very fortunate to have connected with so many of you over these past few years, while rolling around in the skin of Ms. Helen Sharpe, and witness every ebb and flow of your emotional investment. What a ride! Thank you for being on it with me. She has meant so much to me, but the time has come for me to hang up her white coat,” she said about leaving, per TV Line.

Creator David Schulner said the departure was planned ahead as Agyeman expressed being interested in leaving after the show’s 3rd season.  “Freema let us know very early near the end of Season 3 what she was thinking and we didn’t even know if we’d get her for Season 4. But Freema agreed to stay for Season 4 and give us the runway we needed to prepare her exit in case she didn’t come back for Season 5,” he told NBC.

With the show coming to an end, fans will no doubt be at least hoping for another appearance, and Schulner doesn’t completely rule out a potential Dr. Helen Sharpe return. “We wish Freema the best of luck on her next chapter and the doors of ‘New Amsterdam’ will always be open if she wishes to return!” he said in a statement quoted by TV Line.



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