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The Real Purpose Of The Music In James Bond According To Producer Barbara Broccoli

According to Barbara Broccoli — speaking in a trailer for the upcoming documentary “The Sound of 007” – the music punctuates the emotions bubbling beneath Bond’s icy-cool surface. The music is the very soul of Bond himself, and thus the soul of the series. “James Bond the character doesn’t spend a lot of time talking about what he’s doing or how he’s feeling. So the music has always had to give you a sense of what’s going on within Bond: the adrenaline, the tension, the joy, the anxiety,” Broccoli explained.

This strong connection to music in general, specifically the “James Bond Theme,” definitely echoes through the chain of command. “You’re in the womb — what do you hear? The heartbeat and the ‘Bond’ theme,” Sam Mendes, who recently advocated for a female “Bond” director, said in the trailer. The beat of a heart, the sound of a gun blasting, a smooth saxophone solo … One can never say that the “Bond” franchise doesn’t have it all.



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