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The Midnight Club Trailer Has Mike Flanagan Fans All Saying The Same Thing

The first trailer for Netflix’s “The Midnight Club” has pretty much won social media over, with countless fans and viewers saying they are ready to lose some more sleep again thanks to Mike Flanagan.

“I’m in,” wrote Marvel writer Ethan Sacks on Twitter. “I’d follow you through the gates of hell after your previous series,” he told Flanagan. “Er, that is not to be taken literally though.” User @Tisdale Perry tweeted: “Really loved that last shot with the shadow detaching from the kid in the chair! Mike’s been putting out consistently good content for horror fans, I feel like this will be another tally. Super hype.” User @buiarsgf said: “I can’t wait to get scared and cry my eyes out.” @dumpsterdarling wrote: “omg looks like the perfect blend of heart and horror. I’m READY.”

Speaking to Empire, Flanagan explained that he feels both young people and old can handle the frights being provided in “The Midnight Club.” Just don’t expect there to be any crazy acting monologues or lengthy speaking performances seen in some of his previous projects, like “Gerald’s Game.”

“I wouldn’t subject a viewer of The Midnight Club to an eight-minute monologue,” Flanagan said. The “Doctor Sleep” director has been very vocal about his love for acting monologues, with him once tweeting in October 2021: “Monologues are an art form that’s increasingly rare in this fast food, short attention-span marketplace.”

In terms of what to expect from “The Midnight Club,” Netflix’s official synopsis online describes it as a story about eight young adults who live at a hospice for the terminally ill and “come together every night at midnight to tell each other stories — and make a pact that the next of them to die will give the group a sign from the beyond.” The 10-episode series is slated to drop on October 7.



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