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The Last Project Leon Vitali Was In Before He Died

Leon Vitali’s final on-screen appearance is in the 2018 short film “Haunted, Horrifying Sounds from Beyond the Grave,” which was made for Hulu as part of the Halloween-themed Huluween Film Fest. Vitali plays Nigel, a record producer who convinces an experimental music maker called Martin Stockdotter (Noah Segan from “Knives Out” and “Star Wars: The Last Jedi”) to make a quick buck by creating a record of Halloween-themed sound effects. Of course, Stockdotter becomes a bit too ambitious while hunting for the ultimate horror sound effect, and a brief “Tales from the Crypt”-style horror story ensues. 

Credits included, director Rodney Ascher’s short is well under seven minutes long. Still, even with this limited screen time, Vitali is utterly magnetic as a 1970s producer who genuinely likes Stockdotter’s artistry and attempts to throw him a financial bone, only to unwittingly set the musician on a doomed path.



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