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The Good Place Star You Likely Didn’t Know Appeared On The Price Is Right

On the “Price is Right” episode which aired on CBS on October 30, 2017 (per IMDb), Kristen Bell, Kathryn Hahn, and Mila Kunis, officially “took over” the show for a day to promote their film “A Bad Moms Christmas.” The three actresses arrived on set in the back of an open-top vehicle and appeared to be having a truly good time.

Hahn first declared to the show host, Drew Carey, “We don’t mean to be rude, Drew, but it’s time for you to move out of the way!” From there, each of them helped model some luxury products, with Kunis awkwardly climbing a scooter, while Hahn showed off her high heels presenting a washer and dryer. Bell meanwhile switched microphones with a very game Carey before saying, “See, that feels so much better.”

All three actresses eventually interacted with contestants too and played the classic rounds of the show, including Plinko and the Grocery Game. Bell described it as “a crazy fever dream type of experience” in an interview with “The Late Late Show with James Corden,” and thought the Grocery Game especially was impossible to play and figure out. More than anything, the actress was shocked that she was expected to add up the contestant’s totals. She deadpanned, “What if I hadn’t been an expert mathematician?”



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