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The First Scene Of Law & Order’s 2022 Crossover Event Is Already Too Real For Fans

“Law & Order” fans took to Twitter to express their shock over the real-world Russia-Ukraine situation playing out in their favorite TV shows. “Is this really the right time to reenact scenes from the war in Ukraine,” @JoeWhitehead7 asked. “I see we’re starting us off heavy tonight,” @ngozi_nnaka added.

We’ve all seen the disclaimer at the beginning of “Law & Order” episodes. We’re promised that the events we’re about to see are entirely fictional, but there have been dozens of occasions where it’s obvious they’re pulling from a real-life story that’s in the headlines. That was more than evident in the crossover, and fans were calling it out. “This is all too real…” @lexiesdaisies wrote. “Starting off with Ukraine stuff? Oh hell no I’m trying to ESCAPE reality,” @Music_Is_Me88 added to the mix.

The firefight in Ukraine only occurred in the first scene, but it lasted with fans throughout the three-hour event.



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