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The Ending Of Don’t Worry Darling Explained

Alice Chambers (Florence Pugh) is the lead of “Don’t Worry Darling” who we focus on as she uncovers a sinister mystery behind the seemingly idyllic community where she and her husband Jack (Harry Styles) live. Like all the women in the community of the “Victory Project,” she stays behind every day when her husband goes to work so that she can cook and clean and make sure the home is nice for him. Like the other women, she spends her free time drinking, gossiping, and shopping.

But when her friend Margaret (Kiki Layne) begins to unravel and tell anyone who will listen that their world is not what it seems, Alice starts to question things as well. And when she sees a plane crash in the desert outside the city, she investigates. She discovers a place that seems to hypnotize her, or rather break her from hypnosis. She later learns that she has been living in a simulation, and this housewife is not who she really is.

Before entering the simulation, Alice was a hardworking doctor and surgeon who loved her job. She wasn’t always thrilled about long shifts at the hospital with short breaks between them, but she was proud of the decisions she had made in her life. And we can see that headstrong nature and that determination to forge her own destiny throughout the movie as she continues to dig deeper when others tell her nothing is wrong.



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