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The Actress Who Voices Sam In Apple TV+’s Luck Is Gorgeous In Real Life

Cinematically speaking, Eva Noblezada is far from a household name. As of this writing, her IMDb credits are in the single digits. That said, anyone who interprets this limited information to mean that she’s either inactive, untalented, or simply unsuccessful would be unquestionably wrong. She’s especially known to those who are familiar with the modern professional theatre scene — Noblezada solidified her career as a musical theatre star in the late 2010s with a series of high profile roles at West End and Broadway. 

First, she portrayed Eponine in West End’s production of “Les Miserables.” Shortly thereafter, she starred as Kim in “Miss Saigon,” a role she performed for Broadway, West End, and the 25th anniversary pro shot. The role that truly skyrocketed her into stardom, however, is what came after. Noblezada portrayed the role of Eurydice in “Hadestown” for both West End and the subsequent Broadway production (technically originating the role for Broadway), the latter of which she is still performing alongside her partner, Reeve Carney. 

Interestingly, “Luck” is her first foray into voice acting. Noblezada shared her inaugural experience with Screen Rant, saying, “[voice acting is] completely new for me, but I am an actor and I use my voice, so it couldn’t be that different. It definitely was a learning experience, but I’m grateful that I had my background give me a lot of support.”



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