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The 6 best standing desks to help you move more while you work from home

What else we tested

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What else we recommend and why

Under $700

Uplift V2: While this is a great all-around choice, it was a much more expensive standing desk that offered few benefits to justify the price difference. The Jarvis is a better value for most people. But if you want the extra height, weight, and customizations (there are 19 finishes) and have the budget to spare, the Uplift V2 might be a good choice. Read our full Uplit V2 review.

Branch Standing Desk: This is a great, slightly less expensive alternative to the Autonomous SmartDesk Pro. It has a similar height range of 25 to 52 inches. The motor is quick and quiet, raising and lowering an inch in about 1.5 seconds. The control panel lets you store four preset heights, which is great if you share the desk. You can get the melamine top in four colors, and the metal base is available in white or gray. The top comes in two widths: 48 or 60 inches. 

Over $1,000

NewHeights Elegante XT: Extremely stable, with top-quality internal electronics and plenty of customization options, there’s no denying this is one of the best standing desks around. It offers reliable adjustment with a wide, 24-to-51-inch range and has no obvious weaknesses. It’s too expensive for most people but a great choice if you have the budget.

What we don’t recommend and why

VariDesk Electric Standing Desk: This may be a good choice if you hate assembly as it’s very easy to put together. It also offers a good range of height adjustments, customizable height presets, and relatively quiet operation. On the downside, customization options are scant, and it has a 200-pound weight limit, which doesn’t come close to our top picks.

VertDesk V3: Offering solid construction, excellent stability, and lots of customization options, the VertDesk V3 came very close to making our list. It’s a well-built, reliable standing desk that comes with a good warranty, but it can get expensive as you begin to add extras or jump up sizes. It also has a limited range of height adjustment, and it’s tricky to assemble.

Ergo Desktop Kangaroo Pro Junior: This is a smart converter that you can add to a regular desk, and it offers separate keyboard and monitor platforms that are adjusted via the built-in pneumatic spring mechanism. Unfortunately, it’s not designed for laptops, the stability leg is an eyesore, and it has a limited weight capacity.

Ikea Idasen: With a distinctive look and great stability, this is a solid standing desk from Ikea, and it comes with a reassuring 10-year warranty. Unfortunately, the weight capacity is very low, the tabletop is particle and fiberboard, and it’s slow to adjust with no preset height option on the keypad.

Xdesk Terra 2s: This is a very good-looking standing desk, with lots of customization options, including dual-level desktops and beautiful build quality that combines bamboo, oak, or glass desktops with an aluminum frame. Sadly, it’s way beyond most people’s budget and doesn’t do quite enough to justify the premium.



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