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The 10 best leather jackets for men, from classic motorcycle styles to sleek bombers

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Worn by style icons the world over, from James Dean to Jay-Z, the leather jacket is an unrivaled symbol of sartorial confidence and an all-around practical wardrobe staple. Hard-wearing by nature, the leather jacket was originally crafted for outdoorspeople and later adopted by motorcyclists for its ability to protect against road rash. From there, it slipped into the mainstream, permeating modern style and culture.

The best men’s leather jackets come in a few main styles: the biker, the bomber, the racer, the flight, and the field. Defined by shape, cut, zipper placement, lining, and collar, each iteration of the leather jacket offers a unique take on this wide-ranging style staple.  Whichever option you prefer, let our list of best men’s leather jackets inspire you with a variety of cuts and colors in a range of price points. 

Our picks are all true leather, which means their price tags are slightly higher than their faux counterparts. That also means that, with proper care, they will last for years. We explain proper leather care later on in this guide. But first, here are the best men’s leather jackets you can buy. Learn more about how we test our style products here.

The best men’s leather jackets:



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