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Super Hero’s Post-Credits Scene Explained

Before “Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero” becomes fully engrossed in Piccolo and Gohan’s fight against the Red Ribbon Army, it takes a moment to briefly check in with Vegeta and Goku. At the start of the film, the two “Dragon Ball” fighters are on Beerus’ planet and in the midst of training. Once that has been established, “Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero” becomes largely preoccupied with Piccolo, Gohan, and the pair’s various Red Ribbon Army combatants.

However, before “Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero” cuts to black for the last time, the film does take a moment to bring things full circle and check back in with Goku and Vegeta. When it does, “Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero” delivers a genuinely surprising moment, one that fans of the franchise may have previously thought they’d never actually get to see onscreen.

When the film’s post-credits scene begins, both Goku and Vegeta are exhausted from their off-screen fight. As their battle winds down, Vegeta throws one weak final punch that forces Goku to admit defeat. Vegeta, obviously, takes a moment to truly cherish his victory, though, his crowd of spectators isn’t as massive as he probably would have liked. Broly, Lemo, and Cheelai all witness the moment in question, but those are the only characters who are both present and actually paying attention during Goku’s surprising defeat.

Nonetheless, the post-credits scene of “Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero” sees Vegeta finally, explicitly beat Goku, which is what makes it such a noteworthy moment for the “Dragon Ball” franchise.



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