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Star Wars: Andor Episode 1-3 Easter Eggs Explained

The concept of a company-owned sector of space isn’t a new one in Star Wars. The Rogue One prequel novel Catalyst established another one of these governments known as the Corporate Sector Authority, which ruled a part of the Outer Rim. It also existed in Legends canon.

Ferrix and Kenari

Ferrix, a desert planet, and Kenari are two other planets created for the show. Under the rule of Preox-Morlana, Ferrix is the site of massive scrapyards where workers strip ships for resources and parts.

Meanwhile, Kenari looks like it’s also fallen victim to corporate interests, with a huge mining operation eating away at the planet’s otherwise green surface. When we meet Kassa/Cassian on Kenari, he leaves in a settlement run by other children, with no adults in sight. It’s possible that whatever disaster befell that abandoned mine left them all without their parents…


At one point in episode 1, Timm makes a reference to Wobani, which is a planet that first appeared in Rogue One. It’s the site of the prison camp where Cassian finds Jyn Erso in the movie.


Maarva references the planet Fest while talking to Cassian early in the premiere episodes. This planet has appeared before in both Disney and Legends continuities. In current canon, it’s a planet that houses a Rebel HQ, while in Legends, the planet held an Imperial base. Most famously, Fest was featured as one of the levels in the classic first-person shooter Star Wars: Dark Forces.

The Clone Wars, the Republic, and the Separatists

It’s established in lore that when Cassian said in Rogue One that he’d been fighting since he was six years old, he actually meant fighting for the Separatists, the losing side of the Clone Wars. We get to see a little bit of that history in flashbacks to Cassian/Kassa’s childhood on Kenari. The ship that crash lands on the planet seems to be piloted by Separatist operatives, judging from the insignia worn on their uniforms, but Maarva later references the soldier the Kenari kids shot down as a “Republic officer” despite his Separatist uniform. Not sure what’s going on there. Might be a continuity error. The point is that these scenes clearly take place during the Clone Wars, confirming that Separatist Kassa and Rebel Cassian have been fighting oppressive galactic governments almost his entire life.



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