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Small Details You Missed In The Cuphead Show!

While “Cuphead” generally keeps its players on the ground running and gunning through levels or taking on bosses, there are some levels that take to the skies for some high-flying boss battles. The first boss players use their plane to take down is Hilda Berg, an anthropomorphic blimp and a tough challenge early in the game. Her laughing demeanor makes her a devious threat and her transformations can be highly deadly. Hilda Berg is certainly a memorable boss from “Cuphead,” and she has a small cameo in Season 2.

In the episode “Charmed & Dangerous,” Cuphead, Mugman, and Ms. Chalice all go on a misadventure with Elder Kettle’s car. During this wacky trip, they spot a familiar face in the sky. Chalice points out a blimp that suddenly transforms into Hilda Berg, who smiles, laughs, and waves at the group. While it’s a bummer that Hilda Berg doesn’t stay around for long, it’s especially funny how the group happily waves back since we all know their original game versions become Hilda Berg’s bitter enemies.



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