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She-Hulk: Attorney at Law Episode 2 Review – Superhuman Law

Meanwhile, Jen’s dad is preoccupied with Hawkeye’s arrows, and is asking the hard questions about what happens to those dangerous weapons after Clint has fired them. We will probably never know the answer, and that’s fine with me. These aren’t the kind of things that keep me up at night.

We also say goodbye to Bruce Banner in this episode. A Sakaaran ship is seen flying him into space, but the reason for his journey will stay a mystery for now. If I had to guess, it would be that he fathered a child during his stretch on Sakaar, and that an MCU introduction to his son Skaar is in the wind. This did happen in the comics, and while Marvel Studios don’t always follow those storylines accurately, it would be another good “out” for Mark Ruffalo if he ever decided he’d had enough of playing the Hulk.

The Verdict: Any Good?

It came to light before the premiere that last week’s episode, “A Normal Amount of Rage”, was in fact supposed to be the penultimate episode of this series, but there was some fear that audiences wouldn’t wait that long to find out She-Hulk’s origin story. I disagree, and found “Superhuman Law” to be a much better introduction to Jen. Last week, all we knew about her was that she was a lawyer, Bruce’s cousin, and a Hulk. This week, we got to spend time with Jen and her circle, which felt like a better place to start properly caring about her character.

The episode itself is fine enough and fairly entertaining, and works best when Tatiana Maslany is in Jen form and able to fully emote. Maslany is a terrific actress, and last week there was just too much CGI for her to really show that off. She does a good job of keeping the wild story grounded here, and you really feel for Jen as she quickly loses her grip on her own identity.

Jen’s family dinner also adds some great context to her upbringing and character, and we can see that she seems to have historically been surrounded by men who are loving and supportive, whether it be Bruce or her attentive father. This is set in sharp contrast to the men she has to deal with at work or in other social situations, who either try to undermine her, bother her, or mold her appearance to their liking. As I touched on last week, when the show set out to establish the latter annoyances in the premiere it went about it with a heavy hand, but the writing team have more success in this episode by creating more of a frustrating clash between the good men in Jen’s life and the bad men outside that bubble.

Elsewhere, there’s not a whole lot going on in episode two bar the reintroduction of Blonsky, and while it’s always great to see Tim Roth in anything, you can sense that he understands how silly this rejuvenated character appearance is, as he comes across as a little hesitant with his lines. I feel you, Tim, but I sense there are bigger plans for this character afoot.



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