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Saints Row: Worst Bugs, Glitches, and Technical Problems So Far

While this obviously isn’t the biggest technical problem you could possibly run into in a modern game, this particular presentation glitch does seem to be more common than some of the others. This issue also extends to other non-interactive or limited-interactivity sections (such as when you’re waiting for an NPC to finish their dialog sequence). All things considered, it’s more than fair to say that Saints Row has some notable presentation problems. 

Saints Row’s Controls Will Sometimes Freeze

The earliest versions of Saints Row (pre-release review versions) seem to have suffered from a bug that would prevent you from doing pretty much anything. It’s not clear what actually triggered that bug (if it was triggered by anything at all), but I can tell you that I did personally encounter this one a couple of times during my own playthrough. At least one other critic wasn’t able to finish the game in time because of this problem. 

Now, the good news is that this game-breaking bug doesn’t seem to be that common. Actually, I don’t know if I’ve heard of anyone encountering this problem in the retail version of the game, and that’s before the day one patch was even released. As such, I’m willing to put a little faith into the idea that this problem has been resolved or wasn’t even that common to begin with. Still, this is one to know about.

Saints Row’s Aiming System Is Generally Kind of a Mess

This is, by far, the biggest bug/glitch I ran into in Saints Row in terms of both the number of times I encountered this problem and how it impacted my overall experience. In fact, this might be more of a design problem than anything else. 

Simply put, there were many times in Saints Row when my character’s aim was clearly not working as intended. It wasn’t even uncommon for me to miss enemies at point-blank ranges. Furthermore, there were numerous times when I just couldn’t seem to aim my weapon anywhere close to where I was trying to aim it. That might actually be a problem with the game’s auto-lock system, but it’s worth noting that I’ve heard numerous players report similar issues with the game’s gun combat. 

One way or another, this problem needs to be fixed. The aiming in this game just feels terrible at the moment, and that obviously makes it difficult to properly experience much of what should be some of the game’s most noteworthy activities



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