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Parks And Recreation Fans Can’t Help But Love One Of Leslie’s Big Enemies

While many of those who’ve wound up at odds with Leslie Knope have found themselves in such a position due to some kind of conflicting belief or political agenda, not everyone fits in this dichotomy. In the case of Greg Pikitis (Cody Klop) — a prolific prankster who terrorized Pawnee with his annoying yet harmless practical jokes — his tomfoolery generated a feud between himself and Knope. Throughout the series, he manages to best her in ways big and small, yet many “Parks and Recreation” fans on Reddit can’t help but enjoy his hijinks and Knope’s responses to them.

The Knope-Pikitis dynamic is one of the funniest to ever feature on “Parks and Rec,” if for no other reason than the fact it’s a grown adult feuding with a teenage kid. “It just seemed like a funny thing that in her world, she would see a 15-year-old kid who vandalized parks and think of him as like a James Bond supervillain that she just had to destroy,” Michael Schur explained during a panel at the Paley Center in 2009. He adds that when it finally came time to shoot the first Pikitis episode, the intensity that Amy Poehler brought to an otherwise ridiculous story was the icing on the cake.

Even though it wasn’t a focal point of the beloved sitcom, Leslie Knope and Greg Pikitis’ rivalry will go down as a highlight of “Parks and Recreation.”



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