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My Dress-Up Darling Has One Dub Actor Who Fans Can’t Stop Praising

In a thread started by u/MarvelGrantMan136, fans of “My Dress-Up Darling” shared their excitement about how good Paul Dateh is in the English version of the anime. “Paul Dateh is truly killing it. I am blown away that this is his anime debut,” said u/jamiex304. “His emotional performance as Gojo as he was breaking under the pressure was amazing; hats off to him.”

That Dateh is new to voice acting is indeed a surprise. The performer has taken so naturally to his role as Gojo that you would think he’s made a career out of it. “I already thought he sounded great as Gojo,” said u/Chun-Li_Forever, “but this episode showed something very vulnerable about his character. Something extremely scary to ask of any actor to do, especially for the first time. But he nailed it and rose like a pro.”

This kind of enthusiasm will almost certainly help Dateh land even more voice-over roles. While Dateh, who is also a live-action actor and a musician, doesn’t necessarily need to lean on anime to make a decent living, the role has changed his life substantially.



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