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LOTR: The Rings Of Power Episode 5 Recap: Picking Up The Pace

Episode 5 didn’t just move all of the heroes’ stories forward — it also gave us some critical development with the antagonists of the tale. Most of this action takes place in the Southlands, where Adar officially gathers his legions and inaugurates his attack on the watchtower of Ostirith. We know that the Father of the Orcs is searching for Theo’s broken blade and that obtaining it will give him a mysterious new level of power and authority, but what that looks like is still shrouded in mystery.

While Adar makes his first move, some of the Southlanders opt to help him. Led by the troublemaking tavern owner Waldreg (Geoff Morrell), half of the group of refugees (including Theo’s friend Rowan) take Adar’s offer of clemency by abandoning the fortress and bowing to their former enemy. In the process, Waldreg refers to Adar as Sauron, which infuriates the warped Elf, leaving little doubt that he isn’t the Dark Lord some suspected him to be.

Meanwhile, off on Númenor, Pharazôn informs his skeptical son, Kemen, that if his cousin, the Queen Regent, wants to sail off to save Middle-earth, that’s her affair. He’s going along with the deal not to save people, though, but to exploit them. The prospect of leveraging a Númenórean victory to obtain ore, lumber, trade, and tribute is too good for the chancellor to pass up. It’s a line of reasoning right in line with his original character in J. R. R. Tolkien’s source material (in fact, in the books, the Númenóreans are already busily exploiting Middle-earth before Pharazôn is even born) and is definitely a sign of darker things to come.



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