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Law & Order’s 2022 Crossover Event Finally Showed Fans An Unseen Part Of Cosgrove’s Character

We meet Detective Cosgrove’s daughter, Lily, in the second scene of the night. Before the crossover, we only knew Cosgrove had a wife and children, but we never saw them or knew their names. We learn that Lily is 15 years old, and she is begging her father to let her be homeschooled. She expresses she’s terrified of going to school because of the increasing number of shootings. Cosgrove tells Lily she can’t leave school and that the likelihood of that happening to her is slim. She’s unhappy with his decision, but their conversation gets interrupted when a young girl runs by in distress.

Fans were so excited to see another side of Cosgrove and expressed their elation on Twitter. “Jeffrey Donovan’s Cosgrove got more character development in 15 minutes than he did all last season,” @WilsonFrontier tweeted. We saw so little about Cosgrove’s personal life in Season 21 that the news of him having a daughter flat out shocked some viewers. “Cosgrove’s got a kid?!!” @phyllismagg asked in surprise.

The crossover event quickly pivoted from Cosgrove’s family lunch to the death of a teenage girl. We’re hoping to dive deeper into the character later in Season 22 of “Law & Order.”



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