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Keanu Reeves Classics That Also Deserve Legacy Sequels After Constantine 2

A 2015 remake failed to entice moviegoers, but perhaps original director Kathryn Bigelow could return to the franchise to give a new installment legitimacy. If a new project could balance high-octane stunts with new age-y macho mysticism and a healthy dose of camp, it’ll feel like Point Break.

The Devil’s Advocate Returns

The Constantine sequel will presumably find Reeves battling demons, but what if he could also become one? Taylor Hackford’s 1997 supernatural horror film The Devil’s Advocate found Reeves playing a gifted young lawyer who begins to work at a law firm that is run by the Devil in disguise, portrayed by Al Pacino. Pacino understandably received the most accolades for his over-the-top turn as Satan, but maybe this time around, Reeves could get the showy part.

Not known for giving overly theatrical performances, a Devil’s Advocate reboot could find Reeves in the role of Lucifer in the legal world, giving him the opportunity to ham it up a little while a young actor or actress occupies the role he served in the original. A prequel novel, Judgment Day, about Pacino’s John Milton arriving in New York City and obtaining control of a major law firm, already exists, perhaps that could be the jumping-off point for the story? 

Keanu Reeves as Jonathan Harker in Bram Stoker's Dracula

Bram Stoker’s Dracula, Part II

We know what you’re thinking. Didn’t Bram Stoker only ever write one Dracula novel? To which we ask, did that ever stop Universal Pictures or Hammer Films!? Besides, Francis Ford Coppola has set a precedent of writing and producing sequels with Roman numerals in the titles, even if the source material novel stopped at a definite point in the past.

But really, tell us you don’t want to see Reeves take another swing at that British accent yet again. Additionally, he and Dracula costar Winona Ryder have stayed friends, appearing together in Destination Wedding (2018). The way Ryder and Coppola both tell it, they even technically married on the set of Dracula. In this modern age of sequels to Gothic Keanu classics, that’s more than enough reason to check in on the characters roughly 25 years later (fudge the timeline), with the events occurring after the First World War. Now Jonathan and Mina Harker are living a high life as vampire hunters extraordinaire as the world modernizes around them—and eternal love rises again.

Plus, Coppola could even have some fun with exploring those nifty Vaudevillian and German Expressionist visual effects tricks a period setting where the Germans were literally making Nosferatu.



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