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John Boyega Has An Intriguing Idea For A Sequel To The Woman King

Thuso Mbedu, who plays Nanisca’s daughter Nawi in “The Woman King,” had some interesting comments to share during an interview with Variety. She recalled to the publication what John Boyega had pitched to her as a potential sequel that would paint King Ghezo in a more historically-accurate light. “To go back to the history of the Dahomey — where he isn’t really a favorable king in real history. He would want us to touch on that in the second one,” Mbedu said, hinting that he could play more of a villainous role given his real-life role in the slave trade as a means of economic gain.

While this certainly sounds like an interesting approach to take, it would shift the spotlight away from Nanisca to some degree. As it turns out, though, Viola Davis wouldn’t mind a limited role in a potential sequel anyway. Mbedu told Variety, “Viola keeps saying, ‘If there’s a sequel, I’m gonna die in the first five minutes.’ She’s like, ‘Thuso, I’m going to be toothless and on my deathbed.'” Mbedu also notes that, generally speaking, Gina Prince-Bythewood isn’t a fan of sequels and doesn’t seem to have any immediate plans for a “Woman King” follow-up. Although, she does find Boyega’s pitch interesting.

Maybe someday we’ll get to see a sequel to “The Woman King,” and perhaps John Boyega’s King Ghezo-centric story will be realized fully on the silver screen.



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