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Jackie Kennedy ‘was impressed’ after meeting the Queen for a private lunch in London, former Secret Service agent says


  • First Lady Jackie Kennedy joined Queen Elizabeth for a private lunch in London in 1962.
  • Former Secret Service agent Clint Hill shared details about the lunch in his upcoming book, “My Travels with Mrs. Kennedy.”
  • According to People, Kennedy was “grateful” for the Queen’s hospitality.

In 1962, First Lady Jackie Kennedy went to London to visit her sister, Lee Radziwell, who lived there with her husband, the Polish-Lithuanian Prince Stanislaw Radziwell. According to People, Queen Elizabeth invited Kennedy to a private lunch when she was in town. 

Former US Secret Service agent Clint Hill shared details about this encounter in his upcoming book, “My Travels with Mrs. Kennedy,” which he wrote with his wife, Lisa McCubbin Hill. 

“She was impressed by the Queen,” said Hill, the now 90-year-old agent who accompanied Kennedy on this outing. Hill served under five presidents and was head of the first lady’s security detail, according to People. 

The Queen and Jackie Kennedy at a JFK Memorial in Surrey

The Queen unveiled a JFK memorial in Surrey in 1965.

Keystone-France/Getty Images

“Mrs. Kennedy was very pleased by how it had gone. The Queen was extremely hospitable, and she enjoyed spending time with her,” Hill added. 

John F. Kennedy; Queen Elizabeth II; Jackie Kennedy, and Prince Philip.

The dinner between President John F. Kennedy, Queen Elizabeth II, First Lady Jackie Kennedy, and Prince Philip.

Bettmann/Getty Images

Season two of Netflix’s “The Crown” depicts Kennedy and the Queen sharing a meal together with their husbands, President John F. Kennedy and Prince Phillip, at Buckingham Palace in 1961. But their lunch a year later was much more private, and Hill is one of the last remaining witnesses of the event, People reported

“They were both relatively young and they both held positions on the world stage,” Hill said about the understanding the two powerful women shared of one another. 

After the lunch that day, Jackie answered questions from journalists about how the meal went. “Her Majesty was so kind to have me there,” she said, according to People. “I don’t think I should say anything about it except for how grateful I am and how charming she was.”



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