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I’ve been on 5 Disney cruises. Here are 9 things I wish I knew before boarding my first ship.

Adults can play in the different kid clubs, too.

There are some cool things to check out in the kid clubs.

Megan duBois

There are different age-specific clubs for kids on every Disney Cruise.

Some adults might be a little jealous of all of the Marvel, Star Wars, and princess fun the kids are having. But luckily, they can play, too, during certain times.

On the cruise app, you’ll see times labeled as “open house” for the different clubs. That’s when anyone, regardless of age, can explore and play.

Adults should take advantage of this because there are some great photo spots inside, and of course, some of the games are really fun. If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to build your own roller coaster or take care of various “Star Wars” creatures, this is your chance.



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