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I’m a chef who ordered pepperoni pizzas from 3 popular Midwestern chains. Here’s how they stacked up.

I’m a chef who loves pizza, and I know just how much the industry invests in making the perfect pie.

Comparing pizzas side by side is a good way to see which you love most.

Holly Fann

As a chef myself, I’ve learned that chain pizza is more science and research and development than anything.

Pizza is a hugely competitive business, and the most powerful food companies in the world have invested billions in making sure your neighborhood chain is consistently making, and delivering, exactly the pies people want and expect

Each chain strives to have vast appeal while also separating itself just enough from its competitors to stand out and gain loyalty. 

All of that consumer testing and research and investment is important, but there’s only one thing that I, as a chef and pizza lover, care about when it comes to choosing a chain pizza spot — taste and quality of execution. 

To find my favorite and gauge differences in quality and taste between pizza spots, I decided to do a side-by-side comparison.



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