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Ice Road Truckers’ Alex Debogorski Explains Why The Best Time To Drive Is At Night

In a 2014 interview with Alex Debogorski on YouTube, Alex was asked why driving at night is the easiest time on ice roads, and he had a rather straightforward answer. He replied, “Generally, it’s the contrast between light and shadow and the snowbanks, and you see where you are on the road. In northern Alaska, they tend to have delineators — they have, you know, basically a stick on each side of the road with a reflector on it.”

He continued, “Which is interesting because the one side is a yellow reflector, and the other side is a white reflector. So if we go into a ditch and the wrong reflector passes you on the passenger or driver’s side, you know you’ve gone into a snowbank.” Thinking about the general conditions one must experience while traversing a desolate and snow-blanketed landscape, this actually makes sense. In the blinding light of day, the reflection upon the snow probably obscures many obstacles. However, this absence of light is probably a boon at night, because suddenly everything is cast in a potent contrast — just think of any time you may have driven on roads surrounded by snow at night. The black of asphalt sticks out quite prominently against the white of snow. Although people like Alex may not have the liberty of traveling on a tried and true paved road most of the time, the concept remains the same.



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