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I visit Vancouver every year. Here’s how I planned the perfect itinerary on my most recent trip.

After a long day of walking, we filled up with late night bites at the Richmond Night Market.

Nutella takoyaki from Richmond Night Market.

Aleenah Ansari

Whenever my visit to Vancouver falls during the spring, summer, or early fall, I make sure to pay a visit to the Richmond Night Market, and this trip was no exception. The market typically runs from April to October each year, and has more than 70 food stands with everything from takoyaki and lamb, prawn, and chicken skewers, to mochi french toast and boba.

There are also live performances throughout the night, featuring dancers, musicians, and martial arts artists. Admission to the market is $7 per person, but I usually buy the market’s Zoom pass which costs $35 and covers six visits, and is convenient as I visit Vancouver often and sometimes come with a large group. Almost all of the food vendors are cash only so I brought $60 to cover my bases, but there are also ATMs on site. On my most recent visit, I grabbed basil popcorn chicken, nutella takoyaki, boba, and a potato tornado with cheddar cheese.



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