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I got a sharp custom suit from Indochino — here’s a rundown of the experience, from picking materials to getting measured

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  • Indochino is known for it’s made-to-measure menswear, with suits being the most popular option.
  • Priced at $359 to $549, Indochino offers seasonal wool suits, tuxedos, and classic year-round colors.
  • I went through the process of customizing suit and was satisfied with the result. Learn more below.

If there’s one menswear item you should always get custom, it’s a suit. While most clothing items are designed to fit a variety of body types and sizes, suits require bespoke attention-to-detail to look and fit properly. The idea of having all of your suits custom-made might sound expensive, but Indochino is the leading the way in accessible and affordable made-to-measure menswear.

With hundreds of materials and thousands of customizable options, Indochino is far from an off-the-rack menswear label. And you can go through the whole process online, in-person at a showroom, or a combination of both. 

I went through the process of ordering a made-to-measure Indochino suit, and it was the most seamless way to shop for fancy threads. I avoided having to go to a bunch of different stores and got exactly what I wanted. 

How to get your measurements for a custom Indochino suit

All of Indochino’s garments are made-to-measure, so you won’t find anything in standard alpha sizes, and you’ll need your specific body measurements. There are two ways to go about your getting the proper measurements: Doing it yourself at home or making an in-person appointment.

If you decide to take your own measurements, Indochino has a full suite of resources to help guide you. You can also buy the Tailoring Kit, which includes two tape measures and up to 16 swatches to sample at home. The $29 cost of the kit is redeemable towards your next suit when you’re ready to buy. 

If you’re in close proximity to one of Indochino’s showrooms in the US and Canada, I personally recommend making an in-store appointment to have your measurements taken. You’ll be assisted by a professional who can also make style adjustments like slimmer pant legs or inseam lengths that show off your cool socks.

Although I’ve had several pieces made at Indochino over the years, I needed my measurements updated, so did everything in-store.

inside Indochino’s Short Hills, New Jersey location

Indochino has over 80 showroom locations across the US.

Amir Ismael/Insider

What it’s like to get fitted at an Indochino showroom

Amir geting measurements taken at Indochino

It’s easier to get your measurements done in-person.

Amir Ismael/Insider

Every time I’ve gone to an Indochino showroom, it’s been a wonderful experience, and this time was no different at the Short Hills location in New Jersey. I was promptly checked in and got started customizing my three-piece suit — jacket, pants, and vest — with the help of an associate.

While you can do a lot of browsing online and even request sample swatches to reference at home, there’s nothing like being able to see all of the materials in person.

Similar to the process online, you get to pick every element of your suit using a tablet. With multiple choices for the shoulder types, lapels, buttons, inside lining, pocket style, monograms, and so much more, you’ll never see another person with a suit identical to yours, unless, of course, you plan it.

It’s worth noting that like with any custom made-to-measure garment, you won’t receive it immediately. If you need a suit within days notice, Indochino isn’t the place to get it. I was quoted a 4-6 week lead time after I placed my order, but I received it within in two weeks. If you’re shopping for an event, plan to order your suit far enough in advance just in case it doesn’t arrive ahead of schedule like mine. 

designing a custom suit at Indochino

If you visit a showroom, you’ll be able to see and touch everything in-person.

Amir Ismael/Insider

Designing my own custom suit

an Indochino suit with a monogrammed name inside

Amir Ismael/Insider

Since fall is approaching, I went with the double breasted Farhill Herringbone Charcoal Suit, a classic grey color in a heavyweight wool material.

Many options come down to your personal preference, but it was reassuring to get the opinions of the store associates while building my suit. For example, it was recommended I do pockets with no flaps since double-breasted jackets have more going on than standard jackets with the extra buttons.

I finished off my design with a charcoal jacquard polka dot interior lining and my name monogrammed on the inside.

Amir wearing an Indochino suit vest

Amir Ismael/Insider

The vest comes in the same grey herringbone material as the suit, but you can choose to have the back of the vest match your interior lining.

How it fits and what it’s like to wear

Amir wearing a three-piece suit from Indochino

Amir Ismael/Insider

In the past, I’ve had my Indochino items shipped to the store where I could pick them up and get any additional alterations made, if necessary. I’ve never needed to make any changes, so I decided to have it shipped to my home this time and just as I suspected, my suit fit perfectly.

Indochino does offer free alterations, but you’re less likely to need them with professional measurements or if you’re a returning customer who doesn’t need new measurements.

In contrast to the lightweight materials found on summer and all-season suits, I really like the weight and thickness of the wool material I chose. It will keep me warm during the colder months of the year and was surprisingly not itchy. 

Amir wearing a three-piece suit from Indochino

Amir Ismael/Insider

The bottom line

Indochino is a popular made-to-measure menswear label for a reason. By combining fair prices, high-quality materials, and a seamless experience (whether it’s online or in-store), Indochino hits a sweet spot in men’s suiting. They’re better made than off-the-rack options, yet more affordable than high-end designer suits.  

Not only will you get a made-to-measure fit, you’ll also get a bespoke design that you won’t see anyone else wearing.  Whether you’re shopping for suits to wear into the office or a special occasions like weddings or galas, Indochino is a dependable place to shop.

Shop Indochino suits here.



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