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How Rings Of Power’s Cynthia Addai-Robinson Did Her Homework Bringing Míriel To Life

In a recent interview with Cynthia Addai-Robinson, Looper asked her what it’s been like coming up with details to fill in Míriel’s paltry source material. “I definitely tried as much as possible to do my due diligence,” she said, “and see what sort of details there were available in terms of the writing, not just specific to the character of Míriel but the larger world of Númenor, Pharazôn, and trying to take that information to then come up with an approach in terms of ‘How do I portray this person?'” 

The actress also turned to Míriel’s family tree for inspiration: “I thought a lot about her lineage. I’ve thought a lot about, ‘What does it mean to be in a line and know from birth you’re going to be raised to one day lead as queen; what might that upbringing be like?'”

Addai-Robinson pointed to the state of Míriel’s mind and emotions, a sense of internal heaviness, and lessons she learned from her father’s rule within the story’s context as sources she used to flesh things out. “It was interesting because there’s so much to mine,” she said. “What’s really exciting about Númenor is as the story continues, there’s a lot of opportunity there for some interesting and complex storytelling within a society and what direction a society takes and what the implications are for the greater good.”

While Míriel’s appearance in Tolkien’s writings is brief, her part in “The Rings of Power” looms large. It will be interesting to see how the character continues to develop over time as Addai-Robinson brings her to life.

New episodes of “The Rings of Power” drop Fridays at 12 a.m. ET on Prime Video.



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