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How Long Is The Umbrella Academy Comic Compared To The Netflix Show?

Over ten years passed between the release of the first “The Umbrella Academy” comic book and the network show’s creation, meaning that the comic’s creators had a lot to look back on when the series got picked up. The comics now have three volumes totaling 19 chapters with a few extras in the mix, like “The Umbrella Academy: One Shot” and “Hazel and Cha Cha Save Christmas” (via Dark Horse Comics). So there’s plenty of reading material for those who can’t stand watching “The Umbrella Academy” in its live-action form.

Back in 2019, Gerard Way was interviewed by NME and asked how strange it was for him to look back on all of his past work as the series came to life. “Really weird. Because I’m a totally different person to who I was when I first wrote it. The new installments of the comic, like ‘Hotel Oblivion,’ are more of a reflection of the person I am now. There’s more of the humility I’ve discovered in there. Or the wisdom I’ve acquired. But the show manages to go deeper than we could with the comics.”

Fans that have fallen in love with the live-action adaptation will be overjoyed to know that the comics include plenty more regarding characters, storylines, and abilities. While the show and the comics are different, “The Umbrella Academy” director Steve Blackman and the rest of the cast and crew continue to impress viewers by bringing such a unique world to life.



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