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How Fred Hechinger’s Character In Butcher’s Crossing Parallels His White Lotus Role

Fred Hechinger told us that more than one journalist has made comparisons between Quinn Mossbacher and Will Andrews as characters defined by a sense of emotional listlessness and emptiness. Both characters abandon their familiar comforts in the pursuit of some sense of meaning, but whereas Quinn’s journey seems to end up a productive one, Will ends up on a decidedly destructive path.

“I was thinking,” Hechinger said, “that in a way, Quinn’s journey speaks to the power of not having the words for an experience or a sense of belonging that you desire, but following that feeling and the beauty and the power of that uncertain pursuit. And in the case of Will Andrews, it’s a very flipped sense because he doesn’t have the words for what he wants. He doesn’t have the words for the experience that he’s looking for. So he’s following this feeling, but in doing so, it reveals a naïveté and it also eventually creates a brutal and senseless existence.”

“Butcher’s Crossing” will be released by Saban Films on a date to be determined.

“The White Lotus” Season 2 premieres on HBO on October 15.



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