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How Cobra Kai Marked A Major Turning Point For Peyton List’s Acting Career

Tory Nichols has been a part of “Cobra Kai” from the very beginning, with Peyton List serving as the sole actress to portray the character. Comparing her time working on Season 1 to Season 5, List has noticed that her practically growing up on the show has shifted how things work for her behind the scenes. “Not having someone around and just having to carry yourself on your own has been a real shift for me,” she told Collider in a 2022 interview, explaining that there was once a time when her mother was a prolific presence on set that would help her out. However, as she’s gotten older, she’s had to take on more of that responsibility herself.

Despite the fact that she’s now knee-deep in her 20s, Peyton List continues to play the high school-aged Tory Nichols. This is far from uncommon in the world of television, but even List herself has begun to wonder how long the “Cobra Kai” showrunners will keep her and her co-stars in the same age group around. In an interview with Variety, she said, “We’re just taking it season by season, but we all look so drastically different each season…I would say by next season [Season 6], we graduate, but I don’t know if they would take it past that.” With that in mind, time will tell how much longer we’ll get to see Tory and the rest of the younger cast around.

All five seasons of “Cobra Kai” are currently streaming exclusively on Netflix.



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